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April 13-17, 2015

Sochi Media Center

"Our priority is to minimize the impact

of harmful factors and make workplaces safer due to advanced technological equipment and necessary comfort for workers."



Dmirtiy Medvedev

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation


The number of events (congresses, conferences, corporate meetings, exhibitions, round tables, seminars, workshops, laboratories, competitions, presentations) united with the common idea of occupational safety and health.


The main purpose of Russia Health and Safety week is to improve working conditions and safety, promote best practices in work organization, improve the work culture, healthy lifestyles of employees, as well as to:

unite multiple

and disparate activities within the framework of the World Safety Day

exchange the experience between organizations;

involve the governmental officials, managers and leading specialists of major Russian

and international companies,

leaders of the professional community to the mutual dialogue

promote advanced solutions

and developments.


Estimated total number of participants of Russia Health and Safety week

23 000

  8 000

15 000

including participants in Sochi

online broadcasting viewers


• top-managers;


• executive representatives of the regions of the Russian Federation;


• executive authorities of municipalities;


• occupational safety and health specialists;


• HR specialists;


• trade union representatives;


• specialists and organizations providing services in the field of labor;


• manufacturers of PPE;


• manufacturers of equipment and technology for health and safety;


• experts and professionals.

"The labor protection of all employers and workers depends on the effectiveness of our measures to create a safe workplace."




O. Golodetz

Deputy Prime Minister


• International conference: World Safety Day;


• International conference: the legislation convergence at the field of occupational safety and health of SCO and BRICS;


• International Conference and Exhibition: Industrial Health and Safety in Energy "SAPE 2015";


• International Conference: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating jobs with safe working conditions – the global goal of the 21st century;


• Meeting of managers and specialists from organizations providing services of occupational safety and health.

Within few days there will be held over 60 panel discussions, specialized workshops and round tables.


Participants will discuss key themes and trends of labour and social protection of workers, including:

• guarantees and compensations, social security, insurance and pension coverage for employees;


• injuries and occupational diseases;


• governance of labour protection and labour safety management system at the organization;


• special assessment and monitoring of working conditions;


• trainings on occupational safety and health;


• improving the legal framework of occupational safety and health.

Consulting with authorities

During the Week you will have an opportunity to visit counseling centers of the Ministry of Labour, Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, the Labor Agency, the Federal Tax Service, the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation, the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation and other federal agencies that will give you any advice to the full range of issues related to the implementation of the rights of employees.

Trainings and seminars

During the Week there will be variety of educational activities related to health and safety, industrial and environmental safety.


The attendants will receive special certificates. Leading universities will present their programs:

• Institute of Security and Labour Economics;


• Institute of Labor and Social Security;


• Klin Institute of occupational safety and working conditions;


• Bauman University;


• Mendeleev University;


• State University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin;


• other educational centers.

Topics of educational activities will be formed including preliminary applications of participants.

Cultural events

The Organizing Committee is preparing a wide cultural program that will include a gala concert with celebrities, sports activities, competitions and trainings with professional athletes, the Olympic heritage observing tour, festivals "Traditional wines" and "Traditional kitchen".


At the Week there will be organized an awarding ceremony of federal, industrial and regional competitions such as "Success and Safety" and "Health and Safety".

Benefits for a specialist:

• experience exchange;


• ability to opt for a program that suits personal needs and the level of skills;


• building new business contacts with colleagues and government representatives;


• participation in discussions, ability to convey personal views to decision-makers;


• combination of business and educational programs with the participation in cultural and sport activities;


• opportunity to get acquainted with the Olympic heritage and views of Sochi city.

Benefits for a company:

• entrance to the Russian market;


• reduction the overall expenses by financing certain activities (organizational, technical, cultural, lecture, exhibition);


• prospects of a long-term communication with leading experts including companies from other industries;


• communication with the representatives of the authorities;


• building new business relations and partnerships.



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